Active Shape Models with Stasm

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Stasm is a C++ software library for finding features in faces. You give it an image of a face and it returns the positions of the facial features. Stasm is based on the Active Shape Model of Tim Cootes and his colleagues.

Stasm is designed to work on front views of faces with neutral expressions. It performed very well in an independent 2013 comparative study.

Source code is provided under a BSD style license. OpenCV is required.

Source code example.

Wasm utility to try out Stasm on a Windows system. (This can be easily uninstalled by running the included uninstaller, or from "Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs", leaving no trace on your system.)



There are basically two variants of Stasm. The latest version of these variants is given below.


Main documentation:

Other documentation:

Citing Stasm

Please cite either the Stasm paper or thesis in any publicly available text that uses Stasm. The BibTex entries for these documents are
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Note that our 2008 ECCV paper no longer applies to this version of Stasm.


I would like to thank the following people who provided ideas, code, data, and techniques used in Stasm.
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